Monday, March 1

Read my knits !

For the rest of the year I will make an effort to read each day ..
To kick off my personal challenge I found a few cute printable book marks from the net for some DIY book glam !!
I encourage you to grab a book for reading is so fundamental. I have always loved reading and it has always been a cure for any
kind of writer's block or boredom as it truly inspire me ...Let me find a good book with a strong character and she becomes my new best friend till the very last page...Isn't that lovely and random and fun ???!!!!!
Now I'm not giving my self any deadlines, timeframes or stress about this ...Just want to continue to grow my vocab and experience new things and what else can provide the two ? and inexpensively too ?
So I chose SADIE SHAPIRO'S KNITTING BOOK, a knitting novel written by Robert Kimmel back in 1973 ! Wow,I wonder if he knew that the knit fiction genre would grow and there would be so much knitting fiction on the market in about 30 years from his book's first publishing ? We'll I love a good knit story so tonight I delved in...30 chapters in 30 days ... This busy mama can surely handle that ! I think I can bang out a chapter per night on my work break ...
Happy reading !

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