Tuesday, March 2

Her story

Woman's history month !

This month I'd like to take the time to focus on some strong and influential women/ sistah warriors that came before me . There are so many but I am going to pick 30 and try to post a brief bio, show off a nice pic, a quote, or some other inspirational creation from each woman so you too can be inspired ! I aim to show woman of all nationalities as we all ~black,white,green,purple have offered helping hands to the cause...WE WOMEN MAKE IT HAPPEN !

Today we have a beautiful black woman called Moses...

She bravely assisted in changing history and the face of North America by getting many black people to a better environment in the North and into Canada. How impressive was her journey, with no GPS systems ( or car for that matter) she was able to cross boundaries and borders to get to her FREEDOM ! During those dangerous journeys Harriet Tubman rescued over 300 slaves with the help of a few good people. She even helped rescue members of her own family, including her elderly parents. At one point, rewards for Tubman's capture totaled $40,000. Yet, she was never captured and never failed to deliver her "passengers" to safety. Her movements were so fierce and bold one can't help to be astonished by what she was able to do despite her many limitations. A rebel warrior queen in her own right, Harriet wore many titles such as cook, laundress, nurse, scout, and spy to name a few. She fought not only for freedom from slavery but also for the advancement of women and was a delegate to the National Association of Colored Women's first annual convention. She fought for the rights of all women!
What I most love about Harriet Tubman is her goal oriented nature...She wanted her freedom and got it and along the way she sacrificed her own life to the cause and granted freedom to others!
Love her

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