Sunday, February 28

Never ever cook/bake when in a foul mood !

It's tried and true I tell ya , every time I'm just a little peeved while cooking I end up burning my entree. Today it was the brownies, mind you they weren't even home made , straight from the box and was suppose to be a quick treat. Ha!
Well to be honest I started off okay, poured the powder mix and added the water ,oil and my secret egg substitute ( email me if you want to know !) I even used the same brownie pan from last time (and those babies were Delish last time )
Well, I felt a tiny attitude growing within me after I set the brown, pudding- like, perfectly blended brownie batter in the oven at the 350 degrees it called for and went to grab my laptop !!! I nearly fainted !!!WTF ????
The keys from my PC were scattered about like confetti. Yes, the buttons from the keypad are broken off and just sprinkled on top of what used to be a functioning keyboard !
OMG ! The works of my beautiful one year old daughter ! She struck again.. Last time, it was my son's game boy found floating in the toilet!!! Now this !!! How could she break mommy's toy? Nooooooooooooooooooo, being a mommy sometimes is just not fair !
Quickly I realized that she was not to be blamed when she had 3 older brothers and a father with whom I left her with last night when I headed out to work....
Suddenly I was upset; heated and felt sooooo underprivileged and overworked. Damn, can I live without people breaking every thing I call my own ??? Does being a mom suddenly make what's mines yours ??? I started cleaning up my brownie mess absent mindedly after (not so kindly) expressing my self to the members of my household ....I didn't know it but my brownies began to overcook. Now the tooth pick I was using to test it's readiness was always wet when I pulled it out and doesn't that mean NOT COOKED, so despite the fact that the buzzer had gone off and the brownies had passed the usual bake time I just let them sit and sit and sit. Hey the middle was still freaking gooey, okay ! ? I was so mad I didn't think to just pull 'em out and be creative...Nah...In the midst of getting ready for work and ensuring that the family had food to eat, supplies for the day and what have you I kept checking on them brownies with a frown on my face..Usually I'm signing in the kitchen, or dancing, or at the very least sending out good vibes...Not today, I was totally frowning ...
(quietly thinking evil thoughts about taking the whole batch to work )
A word to the wise , NEVER think evil thoughts while baking,cooking, etc...The results are NOT good.
After nearly an hour, the tooth pick was finally coming up dry so I surrendered and called it " done" ; ready to cool.ready to be eaten....

I got to work ready to fill my face with a soft chocolaty brownie and a scoop of French vanilla ice cream ( yummy-ness) and to my surprise my brownie was rock hard and crisp !!!! Not my idea of a treat ...I ate what I could and threw out what I couldn't mostly eating the ice cream....I rolled my eyes and got busy with work...

When I called home to check in , some one has the nerve to say the "brownies are rock hard !" I could not reply .
All I wanted to say was "yea, and my key board has no keys! " but 2 wrongs don't make a right , does it ?

Luckily I bought 2 boxes of brownie mix, I'll redeem my self later on...IF I FEEL LIKE IT !

moral of the story, when peeved, pissed or pouting stay out the kitchen !

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Tamara said...

Yow, I guess I need to change my attitude then because MOST of my cooking goes south. Or maybe I just don't know what the heck I'm doing. I'm sorry about your brownies. You're the second person made some and they didn't come out right. The recipe I used tells me the toothpick should come out a little moist. So I know now it's not telling me wrong.

Hope the second box works out for you. And OMG your computer? I'd be typing my blog post from jail. You're good.

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