Wednesday, February 24

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I'm researching Atlanta as a possible location for the family. so naturally I want to know more about the knitting scene, maybe meet a few bloggers and just get a general idea of Life there in searching all this I found a lovely video on a lovely lady Miss Sparkles Gibson. Check out this heartful woman !
Wow, now this is why I love to be a crafter. It's one of the most sweetest and generous things one can do. I love giving people knit gifts. Especially when I know they need it or will definitely use it.
I just found a man in a store on Main street who was at the register and as I paid for my "stuff" I noticed his pastel pink hat. Now, I'm all for living and let live , but it was odd to see a grown ass man, with no hint of sweetness ( if you know what I mean) rocking a pink skully ! He admitted that it was the last one in the store and the day was way too cold for him to walk away from it because of it's color. I inquired more " There are other stores sir, was it that dang cold ?! " He said it was and I do remember that day. It was FREEZING! Despite our odd conversation, he was amused and seemed delighted to have a customer actually talk to him. We shook hands, exchanged names and smiles. I know in my heart that man needs to rock one of my hats. I know he WILL WEAR it and APPRECIATE it too !

I'm getting rid of my stuff by planning a moving sale I found a website that seems to be a (cute) great resource for my yard sale plans. I am really excited about this, I have been secretly wanting to have a tag sale / "yard mall" event. It won't be your average yard sale. Im' thinking to make my yard into a sweet,summer outdoor boo-tique, and offer water, sell lemonade and chips too...Any ways this will take planning and creativity...I'm sure it's worth it! I'm super excited and an overwhelmed with ideas...

In spite of tossing out all the @^%#$&^*$#^# cluster in the house and getting ready for my yard boo-tique event, I need some new clothes! I already told MR. Knotz, my hubby,that I am designating a few dollars to family clothes shopping once that income tax hits my hands. I can't wait ! Imma get my summer sexy, casual ,cute and confident look on ! The boys want sneakers,sneakers,sneakers ...
I saw some cute "feet" for me on the Payless website. It's that time of year again, FEET TIME. Well not just yet, but soon. I'm a few weeks a head, but isn't that a good thing?
my frugal & fabulous favorites from Payless are:

It's going to be a lovely Spring....My style focus will be on pieces that are simple,sexy & strong ... did I say can't wait already?


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