Sunday, March 14

my ego wants a large bag ...but i no longer do....

Killing my Big Bag love affair !

For the Spring I am stepping out of the comfort zone and trying three new things regarding my appearance :

wearing my Afro out and going vintage with my look
wearing a little girly face paint (cosmetics)
ditching my large hand bag for a itty-bitty one

I am a avid large bag wearer. This madness will stop though because I can't ever find my things.ever. Yea,that is crazy right? I been thinking it's time for GROWTH in this department(cause u can't change everything)
I never actually have my real essentials in the freaking bag and that is the ironic part. I get the large bag to make sure I always have everything, but in actuality everything I need is never in there just random junk, bills and school notices!


I know it will be hard , cause I want to take it all with me. I like to have my knitting project, a book to read, and my journal as extra things to do if time permits ..but really, time never permits. Its not like I commute or carpool and can just sit and read or knit and lately when I get to work I have found little time to craft( probably cause I'm looking at craft blogs and updating Twisted-sistah but that is another story entirely) The need to tote large bags around must be stemming from my ego...KILL THE EGO and let it go, I say ...I will do it! It will be for the best ! And I will get used to it.... eventually...
So moving forward If it can't fit in my little purse (that sounds so cute) then it's not coming....My purse will not be a hamper for the daily "stuff" I consume (or lose) .


So I tagged Lady Bean with a meme :
(see my answers in the bold)
* Do you wear a small hand bag or carry a large tote and why?
I used to wear a large bag and just stopped today after realizing yet again that I had nothing I needed in there and I had to fight to find my keys*
What do you have in your purse right now that does NOT belong in there ?
3 lip glosses, a cell phone charger for another cell phone than what I am using that is currently in need of a charge (go figure), pages from my daily calendar, clear hair comb, son's chap stick, random receipts, pics I printed form the net, various cards that are laying about the bottom of the bag, 2 lighters,*
What do you NEED to have in your purse:
my id, cash, keys, lip gloss and face powder

inquiring mamas wanna know !


Tamara said...

Oh wow I got tagged. And I just posted on my blog today too. But I'll answer soon.

Harlem Purl said...

I wish I could carry a small purse too. My overnight bag/purse is so bulky on the subway and it takes me forever to find my keys. I may just end up carrying a separate bag for my knitting. I'm thinking of just trying to find a slimmer bag. I would love to see what bag you choose.

Nashe' said...

yes, Im feeling lighter already ...I will post the pics of my mini's for you ...thanks for asking !

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