Friday, March 12

# 5 The Afro Sistah

Not only a fashion statement,
the Afro is a symbol of freedom, black power, pride, rebellion and self love.
One can not help but stop and stare or do a double take when they see a fluffy halo of wooly hair surrounding a sista's cocoa face.

This classic look became a mainstream hairstyle in the late 50's when Cicely Tyson rocked the style for the first time on national television. The Afro was more frugal than fashionable when it originated, yet it quickly became "the black hairdo" and many great entertainers, athletes and faces in fashion of the late 60's-80's sported the timeless style.

Though the Afro provided sisters with a natral, beautiful low maintenance style, there were many that opposed such "free" hair, creating controversy from salons to dinner tables.

We can thank the likes of Pam Grier, Marsha Hunt, Angel Davis, and many other cocoa mamas for bringing this style into the mainstream.

The Afro is one of my favorite styles. This natural look is vintage and sweet with a rebellious edginess that can be worked into a lot of different contemporary looks. You can rock an afro from the beach to the boardroom, with bell bottoms or heels, chiffon or leather and always be chic. This basic yet bold style carries strong appeal and is great for penny pinching fashionistas. You will get looked at, you may be approached, and some one will randomly call you “Lauren, Foxy Brown or Erykah Badu" Just smile, for they know not what they do...This Afro is all about you!


Tamara said...

Afro hair is beautiful. My only pet peeve is anything other than a teenyweeny boy-short afro isn't hat friendly, and even then I've had to run to the bathroom and pick out my hair before I could start work. lol They're definitely a style to rock in the warm months! Go, sista go!

Nashe' said...

yes girl , ow maintenance dot mean no maintenance! how about getting to work and realizing you don't even have your pic !!!lol !

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