Monday, March 15

Im not buying them, but I dang sure am making them...

Thanx Mrs. Carter for the inspiration you provide me here....No, I won't be dishing out $$$ to further the rise of your Dereon empire, but I know cute when I see it ...This is sexy and simple ...I LOVE IT and I WANT IT !
A crafty goodie too. All I need is a thrifted denim mini and some studs, a whole lot of studs(oh yea, and boy shorts too,I'm definitely going to need boy shorts)
Where am I going to rock this funky little skirt ? Well,I can rock it with hubby to the park, beach or perhaps when he comes home for lunch(wink)I can be barefoot and studded in the kitchen ...Who knows ????
The vest,the tee,and the skirt hit the 3 B criteria: basic, beautiful and bold!
I'm definitely going to re-mix this one !

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