Tuesday, March 16

holey moley ...I LOVE THIS

I am really feeling this ! and no, I'm not dishing out the $156.00 they are asking for it . If you want to though click here
I'm thinking, I can steal on of my sons sweatshirts and cut little holes to remix this look. I'd love to try this funky look.

Some one just found her summer project !!!!
I'm loving this tank. Except the $88 price tag...It seems like I can recreate this top! I'm thinking: basic tank with increases and straps . All I really need to do is to find a Lacy stitch pattern that won't become a brain drain and get to stitching...This is me...totally


Tamara said...

I'll be looking out for your interpretations of the fashions you've been posting about. :)

Nashe' said...

Tamara, thank you for the motivation and the vote of confidence that i will actually make and post these ...Im not going to overload my plate with summer crafts , just a few key peices that speak to me ... and that tank definitely does ...I will update along the way !!!

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