Tuesday, March 16

#6 Erma Bombeck : Home-made humor

"Insanity is hereditary. You can catch it from your kids."

Erma Louise Bombeck, America's all time favorite humorist knew what she was talking about when she quoted those words.
She spent most of her life writing funny pieces that chronicled American Culture and family life. Her columns were in over 900 US newspapers in the 70's through the 80's and were later collected and turned into best selling books. She also put out a few books of her own that quickly became best sellers.
Erma Louise Bombeck spent her life making families laugh.
Only thirteen years old when she wrote her first newspaper column, Bombeck has written about the life of the house-wife. She was our girlfriend
(or our mother's girlfriend) who walked in our pumps, carpooled to soccer and baked cookies. Blessed with the skill to make all the absurdities of being a home maker seem humorous and well worth it, Bombeck wrote candidly and personally,winning her the hearts of America.
She left us with optimism even if we did burn dinner.

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Tamara said...

Oh I miss Erma. I used to read her column in the paper only AFTER I'd discovered her humor books in the store and read them all. I'd picked up, "Family--The Ties That Bind and Gag" and hadn't stopped laughing since. It was so sad when she passed. And what's crazy is, for a lot of moms out there, what she says is right on point.

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