Sunday, March 21

#7 Nicki Minaj - A chic that spits

I adore Ms. Niki Minaj.

This young money mistress is a beautiful bad-ass and we like it. Her persona is easily mistaken for lil' Kim's, however she is no replica and stands on her own two platformed feet. Thank you very much!She is a sistah who is putting it down in the rap game right now. Her lyrics are racey yes, but listen close as she promotes womanhood and confidence. Listen to her self esteem pouring out those speakers and before long your head will be bopping on beat. Don't fight it.
Caribbean born, Onika Maraj,who began her career as a back up singer for local rappers in 2004 was signed after stirring interest through her my space page. Once lil' Wayne joined forces with her collaborating on hit after hit she put in work with other artist and truly earned the title "Young Money Millionaire"
Walking eye-candy, she exudes girlie-hood with popping colors, sexy glittery feminine gear, bold make-up, fly hair and off the wall creative style. Stripper Barbie (could Wayne be Ken?) sexy in her lace and heels she holds her own on stage with confidence like one of the boys.
Hardly a boy, though rumors linger about possible homosexuality, Minaj loves being a girly girl. she promotes her self as a “Harajuku Barbie”. Minaj started using the name “Harajuku Barbie” because she is a lover of Japanese street style, being extravagantly dressed and having all eyes on her.

It didn't take long for Minaj's followers to adopt the Barbie concept. Before long whether one could pronounce it or not , fans, followers, divas, chicken heads world-wide ,grown ass women and teeny fans began claiming the Barbie ( pronounced Baww-Bee) attitude, style and title (all over again). Minaj is definitely not the first to call her self Barbie, but she "urban-ized" and customized the concept, by adding Harajuku flava .
Summer 2010 is looking to sizzle for Minaj who is said to be dropping her debut album. Her fans are eager to see what is in store. How much more "over the top" can this chic get ?

A force to be reckoned with crazy lyrical game, Nicki Minaj spits fire in the form of rhyme and got you pressing rewind every time!!!!!
Needless to say this beautiful girl is a beast ! Roger Dat !!!
Nicki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty">
listen up !!!

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