Monday, January 25

Month's End !!!!

This week I'm going hard and trying to start and finish the January hats !

Progress Unlimited-
I'm excited about my progress and am keeping my commitment to finish my family's headwear this month.
What I am finding is that I am getting 3/4 of the hats done on the first day and then I am taking several days to finish the rest. So I have to work on that . These should take no longer than 1-2 days.
Next hat up will be a cable for knit for knitboy2. He is a sweater lover , so I figured throwing a fancy little cable in would be ideal for him .He has already even picked out his second hat, The Schwartz hat ....Very cute and it will look nice with his lovely long locks...That will be in March though, when I get back to knitting for kids ..In February I am giving my lover (hubby) some sexy knits...Can't tell will show.....For now, I am syked about the possibility of getting the last 3 hats done in the next 5 days !!! CAN she do it ??? YES SHE CAN !

Making Space-I arranged the desk into the living room and gave her a gender and a nickname...She is in the corner of the living room and will be called "Prenuer" ... short for Entrepreneur, Knitprenuer, Momprenuer....She will be utilized for so many things the name seemed fitting...what do you think? I warned the fam not to sit at my desk...The places and things I call my own grow more and more limited , so can I just have my own friggin desk , all to my self? DON"T SIT THERE...hence the reason there is no chair yet ....Just waaaaay too inviting...( I hope they are reading this!)
I'm currently using tips from the net, craft sites and blogs and old magazines for ideas and ways to make a creative , cute and functional, never clashing, workspace.... So far I really want an antique mail box for filing purposes and 2 floating shelves

Week-end Rebound-This weekend I had a clumsy spell. I ran into the wall at home. Walking through the house in the dark..I'm bruised and swollen on the left side of my face. Then to top that, the next day I bucked my toe walking toward my porch and end up slipping , spinning, and falling flat onto my back!!! Now tell me I'm not the black Lucille Ball!! I have always jokingly called my self that because of the random, laugh your ass off, things I get into....but this weekend I really earned the title.
I do hope this clumsy spell was temporary though, I plan to wear heels all week.YIKES !

Fashion Challenge-Now, I know I told you that this not a fashion blog, (coming spring 2010) but I have to share with you my challenge to my self this week. In regards to my 'heels all week' comment ,I am dressing like a lady all day long,all week long.Monday to Monday. Can she do it ? YES SHE CAN ! It's been weeks since I went there with my look and I came across the website-

(of which I find awesome, truthful and beautifully written) and instantly got a jolt of inspiration to dress up! The grown woman inside me perked up and raised an eyebrow...

This challenge will help me stay in gear all week because when I look better, I feel better and I do better. So why not? I'll be glad if it spills over into next week....My wardrobe theme of the week will be "5 outfits /one heel"...Next week, perhaps another ...
Before I could change my mind this morning, I went to my closet and found things that I have ignored and created a whole week's worth of outfits to go with my patent leather Fiona heels. This way I don't have to question or procrastinate or back out because the hard part is already done ...Slipping on the dress and heels is the easy part...Searching for the dress and heels, now that's the headache part . So I got the head ache part out the way...No excuses ..I will be fiercely fabulous and feminine this week ..Fiber in hand, of course...

So what about you ,You up for a challenge ?

and here is a little wooly eye-candy for you. Would you wear this ? I think I actually would ..It's called "tweed" ...Just looks like the kinda shoe a fanatical,over-the-top knitter might wear ...
watcha say "YAY" or "NAY"

Wood Tweed Bootie
Osborn Design Studios
Hand crafted in Guatemala City, these shoes are fair trade and made from locally sourced materials.
Leather sole with rubber heel pad. Stiff, purple tweed uppers fully lined with thick black and white pinstripe cotton. They also have super comfy latex/cotton insoles.
photo&description courtesy of :

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Amandita said...

hey there, thanks so much for commenting lol, ur comment made me smile, i wish i could go out wearing a "crazy" make up look, it sounds like so much fun lol...
The only make up look that i wore out was the Barbie make up to a club lol

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