Saturday, January 23

All is well with the brown family in the aqua colored house upon which the sun smiles and shines yellow....

Let the crafty weekend begin.
I feel great and ready to get up early (although it's already after midnight) and enjoy grocery shopping with my son. Once home we are making pancakes ( he volunteered ) and I'm hoping to get the bathroom smelling sweet and looking shiny before I go off to work to not only be the best customer service rep I can, helping and changing the lives of all who's voices cross my phone line, but also to finish the top of the roll brim hat for knitboy1 in the solitude of my square comfy cube. I do like what I do, but I tend to always lirk it better when I got the yarn in my hand. How else would I manage walking people through website functionalities and helping older, brave ,sometimes highly irate, often older, newbie to the internet ( sigh) clear and delete cookies. It is not easy . Some times It is like pulling teeth , some times it labor, sometime I DO get frustrated , pissed, mad at my self for having to put up with it all for the green dollar. Yea, sometimes all ive got is my knitting and when the caller tells me , "Uhm, Miss? I just clicked off the site. How do I find the website again?" I can literally feel flames shooting from my ears....So I have learned that if I truly want to keep my job, and not pop a vein ,I MUST bring my knitting!!!! Ha !

I will work my extra hours early at the office and then make my way home to play with my new work table/desk
(a goodies from a consignment shop ) I must get the donations to the GOODWILL and I need to hang at least one picture on the bare walls of my living room ....
and knit , lots of knitting !!!

~won't be blogging til Monday
So have a Craftastic Weekend ! I'm going to try my best !


Anonymous said...

I love what your doin g with your blog. Have you fun with your goodies that desk it will turn out to be your best friend. Myself I try to go to the goodwill when my hectic week allows. We should go on a thrift spree.

Nashe' said...

Mosiah, thank you . I do hope you visit again . How can i link you , my bloggy friend ?

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