Monday, January 18

I have a dream ...

Monday I celebrated my MLK day off with the knitboys and my purl princess. Was good to be away from the office and knit in my own quarters for once. That was not as easy as it sounds however , for every time i put needle to yarn or machine to fabric i was called on for random reasons. "Mommy he keeps calling me gay!" is the most common now a days in my house and let's not forget my daughter's creative and cutsie ways of ALWAYS being the center of my universe. So lets say my focus, my mind, some times even my body is split in many directions (hey, you try breast feeding while knitting and lecturing your 14 year old son about getting home on time, and occasionally checking on the fish you got frying on the stove and you tell me if your body isn't splitting in various directions also) Whos'complaining ? I'm not and I'm definitely not apologizing!
I'm creatively committed to making it work!!! Dammit!

Now, everybody just throw ya hands in the air and wave 'em like ya just don't care!
I get pumped when I complete my crafts, don't you ???!!!!

Here is the ribbed hat Ive worked on the whole of last week in all it's ribby glory!
My son aka knitboy3 looks great in it. Im happy I restarted twice to ensure a perfect fit over his luscious locks !
He's a great model too.

Thank you, my sweet ,little tootsie roll !
I found this picture of Anthony Hamilton while surfing the net...uhm, he rocking my son's hat ...Knitboy3 was tickled and claimed that he was definitely cuter of the two....I agree...No offense Ant, if you reading this post!!!

Next on the needles is another classic. A basic roll brim/ skully for my eldest. He's been asking for one since he saw his dad's so here we go..
so far I love working with size 8 circulars sticks to make these hats and it's working out well...

For my lovely needle roll. I used a pair of old jeans and some extra exotic-looking fabric and my good ole sewing machine to create this.

It is my first , but wont be my last needle roll. I loved making this and naturally the ideas are pouring in.

Every stitch I made during the weekend and on MLK day was therapeutic. Slowly but surely!

How is your stitching going this week?


LaBean said...

I love the hat!! It's perfect for your son! You have way more patience than me because all that ribbing would have had me murmuring, "k2,p2" all day long. ;) It's great you got to have a day off, even if you didn't fully get to relax. I know what it is to be going in many different directions, physically and mentally. I often say, Mothers sleep like cats; always with one eye and one ear open.

Your needle roll looks great!! I love the outer fabric you chose, and that was smart using old jeans too! I should start refashioning old stuff I can't wear anymore. It does look small. Is it because you don't have a billion needles? You can always make others as the supplies increase. ;)

Nashe' said...

you got it ! it smaller because i have a Denise Set ! so i only have a few bamboos. and with all tis hat knitting i am mainly using the 8 circulars ...but ye, im making more ...great fun ! thanks for the encouragement girl !

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