Friday, January 15


I did my first yarn bombing today and my finger tips are still cool
from the frosty December winds that nipped at them as I busily
hugged a woolen swatch around the thick branch of a tree nearby my house.
At first, I felt like a mysterious villain and I'm sure my body movements were also a little suspect. Quick and focused is how one must operate when you are a guerilla knitter aka yarn bomber aka yarn graffiti artist. You must be alert and well witted in order to defeat the rising fear that may stop you dead in your tracts if your not whole heartedly committed to the cause. I was . I am.
Once I spotted my tree I released all hesitation and proceeded like I own the damned thing...
While bombing, you can't help but feel like your in a James Bond movie performing some kind of intense stunt.. If your really quiet you can almost hear the Pink Panther theme song as you move sneakily about.Your initial fear will be eradicated by the sheer desire to get it over with. Please note that prior preparation will ensure smooth maneuvering and increase the chances of completing the risky task. There may be people watching, cars driving by or even slowing down. Don't look, make no eye contact and talk very little. Get in , get the job done and get out. Then carefully make it to a safe place and do the dance ...You are victorious!

Final words, (cause who talks about this stuff, you just do it ) I'm going to turn this town out baby ! They won't know what "Knit" them ! Shhhhhhh !

If you want more info on yarn bombing start here :

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