Thursday, January 14

Hump-day please go away !!!

Burnt the rice...
I never burn the rice. I'm a pretty good rice cook so I must have just been absent minded.
After dropping off the knotty boys I walked back into a smoky, stinky house. I was greeted by a heavy, spiteful aroma that quickly made it's way into my nostrils and down my throat. Quickly realizing I never shut the stove off I entered the kitchen not sure what I would find. Luckily all I found was just an angry, over worked stove with a hot flame under a blackened, sizzling pot. My rice pot. sigh ... oh well there will be more rice and more pots ! Just Thankful I still have my kitchen and my home tonight.
This is one of my worst nightmares..Losing my home to fire...THANK GOD it was just burnt rice !!!
I was a little nervous I got to admit. This doesn't help my self diagnosed OCD either. I'll forever wonder "did I shut off the stove?"

I got to work and a co-worker shoved a Chinese take-out menu in my face. So I was weak and bought a broccoli and garlic sauce meal. But It irks me because I can make this for the whole family for the 6$ I spent. It bothers me when I fail to stand firm against ordering out. I just think excessive and regular ordering out is an evil in my life right now. First I have issues with paying some one for some thing can do my self and second I like to know who is touching and prepping my food finally, lots of times I call these restaurants and the owners are rude or short with me and I can't help but wonder if they will spit in my food? So it best I just cook for my self. Now the occasional restaurant is not terrible and often quite romantic, but again,EVIL, if over done ...
Tomorrow I'm making eggplant parm and oven baked fries...I have no one to drop off any where and I intend on taking my portion to work with me ...

Tomorrow is another day ...and also FRIDAY !

on that happy note, here is what I'm working on for 2010

Practice more organization
Become a great vegetarian cook ( reduce need to order out)
Create a beautiful (harmony) home
Domesticate my Diva
Dress better ,wear make-up and do hair more often ( no excuse)
Actively knit everyday
Actively write everyday ( hand written love letters count)
Sew weekly
Improve /Upgrade all blogging efforts
Use my imagination, inspiration and skills to create the colorful life I want
Live a crafty and active lifestyle and don't sweat the mess or an occasional curse word or cold shoulders
Be a creative, fun and smiling person who LISTENS
Don't waste money and other resources
Shop and invest only in things that are needed, useful or, beautiful for my body for my home
focus on DIY fashion and remain consignment friendly
Treat others as I would want to be treated ...
Can the Pepsi
Work harder @ work
Exercise @ least 3 times weekly

So there we go .......a little direction.....

no hat or needle holder photos yet...
stay tuned my people...

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