Sunday, December 27

Kwanzaa : Kujichagulia : Self Determination !!!

Demanding more of my self and of you in this blogosphere !!! Keeping standards and living up to standards...

Stepping up my blogger, blogging efforts and status - minus the whining and unnecessary comments!!!!

Hope you are shining your light this Kwanzaa season and expressing joy - love -harmony - peace - craftiness with those you come across. I know it's not easy and takes alot of EFFORT some times to live and let live in love....How ever LOVE should be practiced EVERYDAY , not just during the holidays or when we get a gift or have a good day or because our calendar says so !!! Loving will be easier each time we practice it....through our actions and deeds ...or lack of ....We can heal with LOVE ...

Determine who you are , Determine what you love and LIVE LOVINGLY my bloggy friend.

Happy Kujichagulia 2009 !

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