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Changes to my Knitting Blog ...2010 !

Decidedly letting go of a few things for a fresh start in 2010... People, places , and projects that no longer serve or support me can not follow me into this new chapter....In regards to my blog I am changing a few things...Here goes:

First ~this is an exclusively crafty, namely knitting blog with splash of crafty tangents quick, knitty post,tons of pics of knitting & fibery fashion. I think the mix of make-up, fashion ,knitting and the occasional family rant may have confused a few readers. I am sorry. I'm a better blogger now ... I will post the link to my new fashionated/make-up blog once it's up and running...So stay tuned...
I am a professed blog stalker, but I will keep those being stalked to my self. So no more side links to my favorite blogs. It gets messy ... Thanx to blogger i'll just follow you ....and
I will post a new "Crafty Conversations" inner-view every other week ( interviews from our favorite crafty /knitty bloggers) and offer updates on what is taking place in the knitty corner of the world.... Hope to reunite with my old knitty online buddies and meet new Yarn Hoes , I mean Pros ....yup, wanna meet more Yarn PROs !!!

Better knit pics too will be posted too! Give-Aways and Sharing my own patterns in 2010!

Okay so enough about me !!!! HAPPY 2010 to you !


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Happy New Year.

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