Wednesday, December 9

busy and pretty

'Tis the season.....I am getting things prepared and ready for my daughter's first birthday party (Im calling it her 1st social network event)and Kwanzza, which i observe every year with my kids and hubby...
So Im busy and trying to keep pretty , staying organized and making my list and checking them twice ...I wonder if i can complete a hat for hubby before the last day of Kwanzza..That is the goal ....Can get hectic, but it's good stress !!!!! 2010 here we come !!!!!

I am also trying to get into the knitta book ...
Cause I am dah bomb !!!!!

B-Glammy !


stripes said...

Hey there! thank u for following and for commenting
Let s get the party started = )

Chloe Bee said...

congrats i know you can do that hat in time! girl you got it!!! the exceptional woman that you are will get it done and look damn fly while doing it! loves it! congrats on the party... i mean social network party! love that too! happy Kwanzaa and i hope once in married i can celebrate our heritage and the season in style like you! you are definitely an inspiration to the young sista out here.. you can have it all beautiful family, amazing hubby and still be a fly woman with a good head on your shoulders!

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