Tuesday, December 1

A Beautiful Birthday !

Well, Here I stand, 31!
I’m ever confident that this will be a great year for me! I always view the B-day as a renewal; New Year in my life and I always honor my day. This year I really wanted a spa experience. A mud bath, back rub, facial and
mani/pedicure. Well you and I both knew the expense that would have been. Do the math. LOL. So I opted for DIY pampering and spent abut 20 bucks and created my day-spa session in my very own bathroom.
Journal, candle-lights and baby sitting were the key components in my day of relaxation.
The baby spent time with my mom and the boys hung out with my bro as I buffed, shaved and smoothed my body while soaking in a hot tub of bubbles, eucalyptus oil and oatmeal after working out and sweating to some hip hop music. My hubby surprised me, coming home from work on his lunch break and pretending to be my personal masseuse and gave my back a well deserved rub down.. Very sweet and unexpected of him.
I also incorporated You Tube.I discovered some really soft, relaxing meditation music for background. I also found some fun/cute videos on walking with heels and incorporated that into my spa workout as well. Hey,I needed the practice and it's MY spa! Besides,the last thing I wanted to do was bust my ass while out to dinner with my hubby,so I practiced and got some good tips too!
Finally after a home made face mask consisting of olive oil, crushed bananas and oatmeal, I scrubbed my feet and hooked my self up with a mani/pedi and painted bright yellow polish on my nails. Hubby asked why I chose that color and I told him “to remind me that I can tap into the sunshine when ever I want to!” Color is POWER…
I did not allow any one to rob my joy, did not break up any sibling fights and I ignored rudeness and jealousy from kids (they hating me cause I was loving me…kids!!!) and remained pleasant and pretty and poised in positivity.
My hair was styled after I built up enough stamina to wash, moisturize,twist and tease. I have been inspired by Pretty Dimples on you tube (check her out if you need natural hair help) and I aint turning back….She has certainly helped me make my hair look a lot prettier lately!!!!!

Hubby and I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant; I can still taste the fried ice-cream and strawberry Margarita! TASTY!

We came home to a peaceful house with the kids still alive a sleeping soundly.

And yes,
I did go back and get the Fiona bootie from Payless to go with my little black dress!
Fish net stockings were sexy under my pea-coat and I know my legs got a few double takes, even from the ladies.LOL..hubby was happy to have some eyes candy on his arm, so everybody was happy ....Wonderful day all around !

Today, I’m just excited and feeling very positive about my future ….

Peace and Love

B- Happy!


LaBean said...

Fantastic! You had a heck of a birthday! It's always nice to pamper ourselves when we need it. I have to pull of of these for Valentines, or Mother's Day, yeah that's better. Or, whenever! I'm going to check out those youtube videos on walking in heels. I haven't been able to really do that since I was a teen. So glad you got to spend your special day loving YOU.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Well, Happy Birthday! The 30s are good years, I say. (Being in them myself...)

Nashe' said...

Awwww thanks !!!!!!! Beanie , DO IT !!!!! can't shout that loud enough ! Im going to get this in once a month !!!! I DO DECLARE !

Sheila , thank you dear !

myrmecos , thank you , Im starting to see that !! sure does feel better and I sure am smarter now !!!
by the way I LOVE your pics !!!! thanks for stopping by !!!

Nik said...

aw. happy birthday!

Meg and Komie said...

happy belated bday! A day of pampering yourself is always spectacular!...love the yellow nailpolish...mexi food and tights!


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