Sunday, November 22

Labor Day and Delivery ~Nov. 30...birth of a new me !

Peace & Laughter,

I have challenged my self to keep my hair done this week. LOL..yes .
All part of the Birth of a new me / Mommy Wow journey that I am embarking on to improve my self inside and out !

So I washed and conditioned and moisture my hair last night and tied it with my silky cap.
This morning, I was pleased to see that I could get my comb through the thickness with out much effort or pain. I think I will continue to use the melted shea butter as a moisturizer and I feel it acts slightly like a gel/paste to control the run--away hairs.

I have always been pretty no-fuss and lazy about my hair upkeep and usually opt for a fro with a head band . Now, that style is cute , but it is also tired on me.
I will be seeing another birthday in 8 days and I want to have a new look to accompany the New Woman I aim to be.
Grown and SEXY , yes but I'm seeking grown and smiling. I think If your happy, your smiling and to me smiling is sexy ...So that is the new look for the lips ...a smile...constant and shimmering under my lips gloss.

Second I'm going back to Mary Kay.

Not really to go after the pink caddy, but because I loved the product and want it at discount and I have not found ( not that I've done any MAJOR searching) any thing as good. And Eye color , I want Eye color ..MAC is not all that exist women !
My main focus for the face will be the daily ritual and seeing that I am consistent with washing , moisturizing and care ...I also need some powder to keep all this sheen away ...So I look forward to getting back into make-up and have a few women who will model some looks for me ...

Finally , I want a heel... A bad heel. These I spotted at Payless and Im going back for them!
My birthday outfit will require it. Not that I even have plans or anything ..Not yet anyways ..Maybe dinner with my man, or maybe see if my girlfriends can go out that night for dinner , not likely . I may just treat my self to the club , or take pics at some sexy location to record the 31 years of the twisted and complicated sexiness that is ME !

Who know ...Still , I plan on dewing it BIG with my natural hair styled and lovely, I am seeking these sexy shoes and I will rock my harem pants finally with a close fitting top and a cute little clutch bag ..yea the birth of a new me ..Grown and Sexy...... I mean Grown and Smiling ! yea ...

In retrospect ...
I took a look at my The Mommy Must Bag list that I wrote months ago :

You will see a star next to what I DID get :

Peep toe booties
*Trench style coat
Thick& soft hand (preferably my hand) knit sweater
*Hand knit scarves
Cowboy boots
Denim skirt (blue and black)
Grey,black,brown leggings
Mary Kay Skin Care System
and maybe braids, big sexy dookie ones

So I still need to get the boots, the denim skirt, and those leggings too..
Box Braids is a must , maybe for Dec into Feb ..No more than 6-8 weeks for me ...
Will I pull it off as lovely as Ms. Pinkett?
Imma try..LOL>. Mine will be thick and long and oooooooh soooooooo lovely ...

Well gotta run ...
B~ da best !


LaBean said...

I love those times of renewal. I'm overdue myself. I know you're going to pull of those box braids just lovely!! Enjoy the journey!

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Anonymous said...

quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

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