Thursday, September 10

We are pretty excited after dropping off a load of donations , we spent an hour just walking the ailse of the local GOODWILL and seeing loads of goodies ...I had no money so Im hoping they are all still there when I go back tomorrow ..
Loved that red cutch..Vintage and Im a sucker for a gold clasp... :)

What a nice knitting bag this would make.

Simple knit that seems to be made with a ribbon yarn. Nice to transitin with into the fall...I can see these with a pair of leggings and some boots ...yea.
Love me some Zebra ! This little cluth is too cute and can be rocked alone or can be perfect as a makeup holder, hold my craft accessories, wateva ...
Another late summer/ early fall sweater...The knitter in me can't be tamed...
Quality right here ..This is a leather and in great condition...It just needs a good polishing and a new owner to bring it back to life...not mad at the 6$ price tag neither..

Tommy knew?
And last but not least, these are ten bucks, fit great, will make a wonderful staple in my fall wardrobe and BETTER BE THERE TOMORROW !!!!!

Wanna paints these hands brown and hang on my wall
Other crafty delights that I can make, wuld never buy but always glad to see :


Miss.Fab said...

aww your daughter is sooo beautiful <3

the real mia said...

That red clutch is awesome.

The Original Wombman said...

Well, your daughter is a cutie pie! And I love thrifting too . . . don't sleep on the Goodwill! LoL . . Thansk for checking out my blog sis . . . will be checking you out too.

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