Saturday, September 12

Babe's got a bad-ass bootie

These are some bad-ass boots from E-bay right here..
I don't like buying shoes online unless I know the fit ,but...
These booties got bounce and I can imagine them with skirts, jeans, leggings, my birthday suit, wateva .... They are begging me to " buy now" ...Still, patience has always served me best...yea.

Speaking of bad- ass shoes , I bagged the brown NineWest booties from the GOODWILL today ..Just walked in , walked right to the spot I left them yesterday and picked them up like they had my name on them, shelled out the 8 $$$ and walked off a happy , frugal fashionista..I will be modeling my 8 $ brown boots for you soon.

Boots Boots Boots and Booties~ Fall fashion staple ....yea

B~ Bootie-ful ...

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