Wednesday, September 9

Imma Upgrade Me !

Contacts !!! It is time for contacts and a new Hairdo !!!!

I am interested in letting go of these granny glasses and giving the world a little more eye contact. I'm sitting here taking pics of me wearing the shrug and im like ,
" Awwwwwwwwwwww Helllllllllllllllll Noooooooooooooo !!!!!! Who have I become ???? "

I'm not happy with my no maintenance afro nor do my glasses do me any justice... So time to call call the optometrist, and my personal Hair braider and hell the dentist too..Why not shiny up the smile while I am at it... Long story short I need a upgrade...I need to spruce up and get a new look poppin...

Now I need to find a funky braided style to keep the tresses natural & representing Nubian loveliness...My girlfriend can do it , she been holding me down for a few years now when ever I call or send that anxious email " Can you pleeeeeaaaaaase, braid my hair J? Please ...???" She rarely says no ...and... She gets down on a head too, (skills) and never charges me ...but on the flip side ... she has 3 kids..all under , you know all thou I step in a HOT mess and step out Royalty, it takes a minute...a long minute to get it done ...understandably..We have discussed the issue, argued the issue and finally accept the issue...our babies are priority ...So I'll have to schedule a hair date/play date to get my Flyy Do' ...but I'm no stranger to patience ....It will be ..

B Boombastic

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