Friday, June 19

So fresh and sew green, green

A little rain aint neva hurt no body !
I don't have a problem with the rain. I keep my hair natural so I am never upset or have to wear hat or umbrella to protect the tresses from disaster. In fact, I welcome the moisture.
So when it rained all day I refuse to let the continuous down pour make my wardrobe plans soggy. Besides, my belt offered just enough sunshine to brighten the day.

earrings - Harlem street vendor
dress- Old Navy clearance rack
shoes( hunter green leather Anne Klien pumps) -thrifted

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*Diane* said...

the green color looks great on u!And i checked out your other site, mehn, y'all are sooo good! i thought i an alright knitter, y'all put me to shame!!! lol.

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