Thursday, June 18

Hump Day , My Way.

Yes, after a hectic day of running around, i eventually did make it to work on time. I chose to play it layed back this Hump day and rocked my favorite color, purple. I layed of the pumps opting for my trusty black flats to take me from my son's soccer practice to the ever busy call center I work at in the evenings.

I'm loving COLOR this season; summer does that to me. I'm loving the super-cute table behind me. It has a irie island feeling to it that made me smile, so sistah girl had to stop before heading to the good ole j.o.b and strike a few poses .

If i could do it again, I would have worn my wide white belt. It would have been a nice accent and would minimize any chances of looking"frumpy" ... next time.

But as with most things, ya can't please every body. I just got hit-up on Facebook, my boy telling me I look like Barney...LOL... so does ur mom....
I had fun and am looking forward to another beautiful day !
Out in:
white A-shirt -Wet Seat
purple balloon blouse-Wet Seal
black cotton pencil skirt- Charotte Rousse
black flats-Payless

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