Tuesday, February 5

Fibery Fun fo' real!!

I have also finished the ribbing on my hat and have moved up to the feather fan part of my pattern ..keep those fingers crossed folks ...
I am a pattern-making virgin..really ...

My knitting girlfriend and I went to Starbucks for some quality knitting . I presented her with her saucer hat and hopes she gets good wear out of it.
She made the lovely Noro scarf she is rocking. We enjoyed our knit session, caught a few stares and comments, and got to catch up on our family and personal life~ which was great. Knitting friends are wonderful! Can't wait to stitch again girl ...
(I told you i was posting this pic , right ?)

And finally ...I was invited to Ravelry! Yes, and I do love it ! It really is a great connection too. Your gonna hate me , but it is truly a knitter's and crocheter's My Space, only better, more interactive and resourceful (minus the my space vulgarity) lol... So far its tons of fun and yes, you can get really carried away and stay on longer than you plan to ....lol...But I will be disciplined.
*So tell me the secret, how do you folks get your knitting and blogging (including blogstalking) and Ravelry-ing and all the other life stuff all done ? For me , I have tried to use a schedule , even at home ...
Now, I have had failed attempts at keeping a schedule but I am at it again....
Practice makes purl-fect, ain't that what everybody says ? hmmm. well see.
Here goes my latest attempt :
For sanity and health:
daily cooking & cleaning of my bathroom and kitchen
For my soul:
Daily reading ( 1 hour over all)
Daily knitting (1-2 hours)
Nightly novel writing (1-2 hours once kids in bed) I've got to get this book out my head , man !
For the fam:
Monday-kids library night
Tuesday & Thursday errands or just stay in, blog (and stalk)
Wednesday-family (in house) movie night
Friday- my night to relax or go out like a grown up
Saturday-house errands, blog (and stalk) , soccer, family outings,
Sunday -clean up, cook up, and craft up ...
Now I just need to find a way to incorporate going back to school and studying into the mix....
cause this twisted knitter is going to finally finish her B.A. ! and my efforts will begin in the next few months... I'll probably cut back my work hours to make it all work...
cause one way or the other, its all gotta work ...

Peace !!!!!

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