Thursday, January 31

multi-tasking on the 9-5 .....

As the customers complain they also compliment.
" I'm so sorry that I am being such a pain and that I am yelling, it's not you dear, its the company you work for ! But you are so very very patient with me , thank you! "
I wish I could just say,"I'm patient cause I am knitting stupid-head!"
But my reply is usually just a calm "Don't worry, Mrs.______ take your time as you navigate our website, no need to rush." and I knit another row patiently

What is on the needles now you ask ?
Well...drum roll please ....I am designing a matching hat for the fan and feather scarf ! Still thinking up a cute name for her is my first design , I am feeling fairly confident , strangley so...
thank you for the comment on my eldest....I know he will be fine, just a matter of time ....
requiring more patience , requiring more knitting..... .
Time ...hmmm...where does it all go ?
I think knitting helps us to just hold on to time ( life-time) just a moment longer....
More stitchin' and a lil' less bitchin' is the goal for my weekend !
how bout U?
more fleece & peace

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NikkiJ said...

I used to work for E*Trade and was considered to be the best Financial Services Rep on the floor. It was all because of the yarn baby. All because of the yarn. It works wonders, don't it?

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