Tuesday, January 29

peek and purl ....checkin' in ...

I have had a tuff past two weeks. moment of silence please..

now lets move on ... glad that is over !!!!!! *******************************************************

So what have you been knitting? I have not been stalking the knit blogs of late ...
( oh , don't fret, ) I am not too sure what you crafty characters are up to , but I will be your blog very soon.

I am officially over my current bag problem! I went thru the 2 weeks like i told you i would, with just a clutch. Then it turned out I had to end up grabbing a plastic store bag every day to pack my lunch and knitting for work( tuff not spilling stuff). I did not enjoy that aspect of having a little clutch bag. At those times I missed my carry all. I did however get used to the ease of just having the tiny companion trapped safely under my arm, freeing my limbs to grab a kid, slap a kid, (lol, no sir)carry groceries, and simply move about free and gracefully rather than trying to maneuver with a large tote. So that i enjoyed...I had decided finally after the end of the 1st week that I could not stand the idea of carrying my tiny clutch and a plastic bag with lunch and knitting ... But I did not cheat ...I realized that t is my knitting and reading material that take up most of the space...not actually my wallet and keys or slim calender ...But my knitting and book is a must for my day in the world..Those will not be left behind....

Finally I finished the challenge...I am proud to have followed through with the whole two weeks without buying a new carry all... But I decided I'd get a nice handbag that would hold my little clutch and my knitting in one! Fine ...OK, now I could begin the shopping/bag hunt guilt-free... lol. However, the day before I went on the shopping prowl to find the perfect sized bag that would carry my stuff, my knitting girlfriend came over and surprised me with a lovely suede bag as a gift! A genuine COACH bag that is....Hmmmm, you know how they say God works in mysterious ways and patience is virtue! lol...It is so true .....I love the chocolate suede bag and it does just what i need it to do ! and I didn't have to fork over $200 for it ! I'll knit to that !

Finally a new FO~ FO~ FO~ FO~ FO~ FO~ FO~ FO~ FO~
I have another new FO fresh off the needles. I finished the fan and feather scarf ..which was a fun easy-going pattern . It took a bit under 2 weeks . Could have been faster but there were a few days when I was not in the mood..I love the color the eyelets in the pattern and the length- I endured and used to balls from the stash ( yay ) . Often I thought to shorten it ..But a nice long wool scarf is a must ... love the detail:

I didn't realize how Tiff puberty could be on boys ..
But my 12-teen is feeling it these days...and as his mommy (sigh) so am I !!!!
I am trying to not stress over it , deem it for what it is :a phase, but I would be lying if i said it was easy ! Yes, I knit on !
From pimples to phone privileges it is crazy up in here !
but i do remember being a kid trying to grow up... it ain't fun ...

Happy knitting


Monique said...

Aaah the life of teens. So confusing. He'll get through it. We all did.
Your lace is very pretty also. I really love the fan and feather. That stitch pattern will definitely be one of my projects. I might do a couple different colors to really show off the wave effect.

Sheila said...

Your coach bag is down right gorgeous. Agree with Monique, the lace is very pretty, a pattern I must add to my knit list.

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