Sunday, January 13

FO's and my bag lady blues

Ahhhhh~finally a moment I can call my own ...

I need an opinion on this piece ..Is this too big ? I am no sure if this is a good fit .Figured a knitter would be the best judge ..whaddya say ? I planned to wear it in place of my jacket , coat? Can i pull this off?

Here is one of those UFO I promised my self to deal with ..I really love this multi- directional scarf..I knit this using several balls of Noro..Yeah I wanted to see what being a yarn snob felt like...Uhm It felt am not a yarn snob....But I do believe one should work with quality fiber . Once you have moved from beginner stages you got to venture further away from all that acrylic and see what is out there...Find something that you love that won't cause you to go broke...(AND KNIT IT , DON'T SIT ON IT )..I don't think you should pay crazy dough for yarn ....Nah man, it'll be a minute before you read that I paid 30 big ones for a skein of yarn...That's a hot -knitty- mess to me ..... but 2 each his one , No hate here ...We all still knit stitch by stitch, feel me?
If i really like it I may pay $10..Okay maybe I'd pay more...12-15$ ( but this is not usual, i must really likey).
But 20$ seems like a lot for one ball...if the pattern calls for 8 balls that is too much , yet if it calls for 1ball then that is different story ....Quantity plays a role when deciding if project will be "too much " on the pockets.. Thank God for substitutions.....
This little number was worth every brown penny folks...

and finally,
The Bag story...

So I am driving to the grocery store and knitboy3 says to me
" Why do girls need to carry purses. Why do you all need to bring all that stuff with you?"
I , giving it a moment of thought , really could not come up with a good reason..What makes us so different as women that we have to tote around multi sized sacks of all sorts while most men simple stick a wallet in their back pocket and call it a day?
" We just have things we need for our day. Things we need to carry."
He looked at me and shook his little head~
" I don't think ladies need all that stuff everyday MOMMY!" and laughed
This left and impression on me ...
As a young girl, from the age of 8 and up I had a purse as a daily companion. This necessity quickly grew into love , then an obsession. Even after donations I still have a few bags in the closet that i find hard to part with ..So when my son asked that practical question I had to get real with myself...Why do I need a purse?
Now as a knitter the need for a bag is quite obvious. I need something to tote my project in ..( becoming a knitter did not help my bag addiction, in case you wonder)So we now have two bags.. the bag for the knitting and the purse. (God forbid if you need to bring your lap top along for the day !) My point is this is way too much baggage ..I can hear Erykah Badu's song ,bag lady in the distance (peep the crocheted hats)...This is too much stuff !
How does one remedy this? I hate feeling cumbersome..One big tote suits me fine..a carry-all......but it tends to get heavy and looks frumpy to me...And I hate losing things on the bottom. hmmm.
So i have decided to challenge my self to see if i can carry only the essentials in a very small purse and also carry a small bag for just one knitting project ..I am in need of a new handbag , mind you, In trying to be less wasteful and more resourceful I pulled a cute little leather clutch out of my purse stash and will use it exclusively for the next 2 weeks... I have only the essential within... wallet, small note pad, slim calender/datebook lip gloss and pen. Two days have gone by and so far so good. I don't feel bulky or worn down. I don't feel like the bag lady and I don't feel like I have too much "stuff" with me ...
But ...on the down side I did lose it once, forgot it in the car actually. And then there was Tuesday when the guard at work returned my red notepad to me....Hmm , I hadn't noticed when it slipped out of that tiny side pocket...OMG !!!

No joke~I quickly scanned the note pad to make sure I didn't have any reason to be embarrassed the next time i saw the know those embarrassing personal reminders on your to-do get pap smear new underwear,pick up Prozac refill,
*luckily I only had a my current grocery list, some receipts and my personal wants list in there...
Thank You God..
So, so far I am not sure how I feel about this bag saga...I am interested in how the two weeks will play out ...AS of now I am itching for a new bag ..While the little black clutch is not big and bulky, it is tiny and has the potential of boring me !!!! ( sigh) ....and I can't fit even a sock project in it ...So even if I didn't want to have 2 bags on the road with me , small as they may be , with such a tiny purse/clutch..I haven't got another choice if i plan to knit...hmmm.
I may want to invest in a Jordana Paige bag ...What do y'all think ? How does a flyy girl keep her knitting and purse-nal stuff together ? Help a sistah out !!!


Adrienne said...

You have been busy! LOVE that poncho!

Susan said...

I really like it. It's on the larger side, but comes across more roommie than ill-fit. I think it works well!

Karine said...

Love that scarf!

Sheila said...

The poncho came out great like the texture and agree its tad to big, but you can work it.

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