Tuesday, January 8

Flash My Stash...

Mr Knot so Knice walked into the bedroom...then right back out the bedroom when he saw the yarn spill on the floor.... lol..

can't wait to work this wool!
(things i need to finish )
Proud to be a part of Stash-Along 2008 !
After a few days of rest (and work) the stash is dealt with !
My stash is all organized now . I am looking forward to getting through all this yarn this year , It will take a few months ..(maybe all 12 months) but i will have project going consistently . That is the only way I'll get this all down .The plan is to knit is all up before Rhinebeck in Oct.
Now the question is: can i do it ?

I have a plan too ~

According to the knitting Goddess, Debrah Bergman , every woman needs a red protective shawl .... (I have been skimming through her book over the past week) I have some lovely fingering weight red and think I'd be able to make a lovely lacy thing...I have never actually desired to make something with fingering weight , but I guess ambition is running high over here right now.

I have a bag for baby projects( two best gal friends are pregnant)

I have several balls (including sock yarn) for projects for Mr. Knot-so-Knice. He will be getting a few things this year ...He really represented on that beenie i made him for Kwanzaa . Yeah , representing meaning he has worn it every day ! It's okay it's black , but still. I have a chance to wash some wool...I must be careful i hear. Don't want any thing to felt ...So a gentle, cold hand washing will do the trick. Yup, My man needs more hats...so there it is .. This year he will have sock, hats and belts.... Same as my boys ..

With Stash along 2008 as my knitting motivator I plan to make:
Personal Drapery
bias scarf , a eyelet scarf, a pompom scarf and a scarf w/intarsia
stoles, shawls (flame shawl) and ponchos..
clapotis , a capelet,
fingerless gloves
a pair of thongs ( yes i said thongs)
large felted tote bag
small clutch
cell phone holder
condom holder
pad&tampon holder

summer top / tank top
tube top

I have more than enough yarn to get these done. what do you think? I'll see what happens as i knit along...
I have a manageable stash and do not want it to go crazy. Mainly, I don't want to be wasteful . I think yarn stuck in bins and bags is a waste if you have not touched it in months, years or if the site of it seriously causes you physical pain...it's got to go ..... I have decided that I should use it or lose it ! Some one else in a thrift store, on eBay , in a shelter or hospital may welcome it ....
That was my thinking as i finally rid my stash of the old yarns and projects I just know i was going to touch again..Why drag them into 2008 with me ?
Nah man ...So I let go of a little dead weight ..and all you see is all i got ......4 now..
Finally,here I go , stashing along !!! project by project ....
and you are all so very right about monogamous knitting....I can hang with the monogamous relationship with Mr. Knot so Knice and have done so for 14 years strong..... but when it comes to knitting .....uhm, yeah......
the more on the needles, the merrier one tends to be .....
T'kal !


Sheila said...

WoW! now that's a stash... and your project list is impressive. Will stay tuned for FOs... so knit on twisted sistah...lol.

urbanknitrix said...

WOW!!! I joined a Stash group on Ravelry, but I am bad, I have not made a list - you must knit really fast, because it would take me about 4 years to complete your list. Knit on sistah!!

Lashell said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The stash is incredible. I try not going to the yarn stores just so I won't get to that point. My fabric stash is ridiculous. lololol

Anonymous said...

Wow, what lovely stash. I hope you can knit all the things you want to this year. And thanks so much for telling us about that book...I've added it to my wish list now. I love that every woman should have a red lace shawl idea.

NikkiJ said...

Lovely, lovely stash. I wish it were mine. I love fingering weight yarn and I'm sure your shawl will come out great.

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