Monday, December 31

Good Bye 2007 ..The (p)hat lady is singing...

Meet my guy, hubby, a-k-a Mr. Knot-so-Knice
I finished this as Kuumba ( Creativity, 6th day of Kwanzaa) rolled in


Kwanzaa is coming to an end , ( on the calender that is~ not in my heart ).

I must say that this year the focus was more about virtues than gift giving in my house... and ya know what. ? We were ok! We survived ... My kids survived !!!!!
My family have been observing Kwanzaa for over 10 years ; reflecting on life principles and setting goals for the new year every December.. It has been wonderful (AND REAL WORK)trying to instill values like Unity, Purpose and Creativity into the hearts of these little ones .. This year was no different... It has been a real pleasure, a spiritual reminder and a learning lesson for me ....

The end of the year is a great time for me .

I love to reflect on what has happened the past year and what I’d like to see happen the New Year . I have a few personal regrets and yet many triumphs and victories that I hold dear . I pray to be a better person with each year.. A better student and greater teacher in this journey called life….
In regards to my chosen crafts , (or should I say the crafts that chose me) I aim to be better and more purposeful with my art ! I greet 2008 with wide open arm and wave a silent goodbye to 2007 ! It’s been real …

My new motto is: " Get my own plate in 2008 ! "

Let me share how I plan to do just that !

*I want to delve into scrap booking this year / collage art .. What ever that means .. But the thought of ripping up a magazine a creating posters and art work from them gives me crafty goose pimples man! I may even sell a piece or two …who knows what true dedication can bring.
*I also have to be a better cook. At least, bring some excitement back into my ole vegetarian kitchen, it’s been so bland ,I’d have to admit.
* Drink more H20 / kick the soda habit !
* Move up or move out (at work)
* Have more fun with my 3 sons

* Build a better marriage
* Begin to finish my degree
* Knit a better self-----stitch by stitch.

yeah, I know I'll be busy, but it's All Good babe !

Have a great start to a new year !!!! PEACE


PAJNSTL said...

Happy New Year! You have a great list of goals for '08

Knitgirlll06 said...

I love your goals for '08.

They came, They saw, The followed

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