Thursday, April 29

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hi i have a new blog please update and follow me here from now on...

peace and love!!!

Twisted sistah is not so twisted any more thats a good thing!

still knitting though..amongst other pursuits ....

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Friday, April 9


Have a lovely week-end !
I'm headed to the hair show in ATL and doing some sight seeing and shopping!!!!
me, the kids, the hubby...

peace and luv !!!

Thursday, April 1

Happily married but I want a boyfriend too....

I don't think my hubby will mind too much ...That I'll spend my time in the arms of another...

Simple is what i like ...

I love this look. Very " modern messy miss" I have a jeans dying to look like this ...and I'm sure there will be tons of blazers to pick from at the local GOODWILL...happy happy !

I'm prob late on this trend but that is fine ...It's great for work and I think I can get away with it with the boys and hubby with out too much questions, and squinted eyes....

Fashionably late is the new " early " right ?

Just one more hour until Saturday ! any plans ?

Is somebody punking me ????

I know the date, but I refuse to be an April Fool. Can I start over please ?
So I am all ready to go to work and realize as I'm rushing out to my car that my bro had blocked me into the drive way. Already a little late, I take hubby's car which I'm not all that comfortable driving yet and(with maaad attitude) I get in the car and pull off not realizing I was in the wrong gear ! Mind you I know how to drive stick shift , but German cars are just slightly different in that reverse is where 1st gear is ! So you guessed it, each time I thought I was about to be in first gear I realized that I was going backward!!! not cute, In fact, it's highly dangerous and deathly annoying!!!!!!!!!!!
I was already heated and nervous that I'd be late for the job and those feelings of uncertainty did not help me! The car was making a hot, grinding noise, different from any of the clanky and usual clunky sounds I'm used to hearing from it. This freaked me out a bit and I stalled a few times on the hilly ride. Finally at a stop sign, I see that steam and smoke is floating from under the hood and an innocent man is yelling at my VW, which was quickly becoming a smoke bomb on wheels!
I parked the car and called hubby , damsel in distress that I was, and he reassured me, as the time to clock in had come and gone making me officially late, that I may just have been in the wrong gear. He was right, I'm sure ( and probably a tad annoyed too).
I was in the wrong gear, THIRD GEAR ! So with him on the phone off I went and made it to work safely, yet tardy...sigh ..
Not how I wanted to start my month ! But that is okay, there are 30 more days to not screw up !!!!, Uhm, make that 29 !

And how , may I ask, was your day today ?

knitting on the table...Decision to be made ....

It's time to bust out with some knitting..yea , I said knitting hiatus/ guilt trip is over ! I did my best with the fingerless gloves and now I want to move on to the flow tank top I blogged about a few weeks ago ...Yes.
Also , I'm wondering if I should consolidate my two blogs... i am currently running two...I'm blogging about my journey in Make-up artistry @ beautyklutz ....So I have a few decisions to make and it's harder than I thought....heeeeelp meee...Should I keep it separate or should i get it "twisted" ?????

that's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice !

I'm loving this website !

check out GGG ...Informative and Fresh ! Im so there !

Wednesday, March 31

May your April shower you with Love, Life and Laughter

Well , it's April ! and I've had sooo much fun sharing my Her-Stories for Woman's history month in March. I can't quit now. I am only up to # 14 and there is still a list of lovelies who inspire me. Besides I'm loving all the pics that I have un-earthed with this project ...

So enjoy ..
Also , It's the second quarter of the year ....the next 90 days ! This excites me..What can we accomplish over the next 90 days? 3 months is a good enough time to get it poppin ' !!!!!!
what ever " IT " is for you!!!

peace and love...

#14) Georgiana Robertson: Grace in 3" Heels

A Jamaican born girl turned international model, Georgiana Robertson was discovered on the streets of New York and quickly moved up the ranks and runways to a lifestyle that most girls only dream of.
Ms. Robertson is a beauty inside and out. She stands regal, tall, beautiful,confident and humble.
Her sweet natured personality won the hearts of many top designers like Yves Saint Laurent who was rumored to claim her as
" his favorite " when she first started out in the early 90's.
Georgianna became the first woman of color on the prestigious double Christmas / New Years issue of French VOGUE and was the 3rd ever, on the cover of French VOGUE , after Iman and Naomi.
In this day when physical beauty seems to run the world it is refreshing to see a super model with so much grace, manners and genuine care for others.
"Please" , "Thank you" and "Have a nice night" are words that easily fall from her lips. There is no "put on", no performance with her. Robertson keeps it real and hasn't allowed her career as a international model get to her head. Georgiana has walked the runway with top models such as Tyra, Naomi and Claudia to name a few and hasn't lost sense of her roots. She has graced the pages of Seventeen, Vogue, and Sports illustrated magazine and has over 60 international magazine covers under her belt yet she just smiles when you ask her about her career.
She has also worked in film. Starring in movies such as “Pret-a-Porter”(“Ready-to-wear”) and a few music videos like "Hot Stepper". She has made countless TV appearances in the US and overseas. The first woman of color to be used by the L’OREAL brand LANCOME cosmetics, Ms.Robertson is the most successful Jamaican born supermodel to date with a rags to riches story that reminds you to dream BIG and never forget that model or not, you are super!!!!
Ripping international runways is not only glamorous, it's exhausting.
Robertson has returned to a simpler lifestyle, reconnected with her family and is catching up on much needed rest.

Tuesday, March 30

# 13) All Hail: Queen Afua

Queen Afua is a living, breathing healer. This sistah Queen is the go-to guru for self cleansing, natural herbs consulting and general natural living /lifestyle advice. She is an author of several best selling books, namely " Heal They Self"
and " Sacred Woman" . Many sistahs know these books well and use it faithfully as a source of inspiration, cook book and life instruction manual.

Afua has nearly 40 years of wellness, healing experience. She has taken her message concerning womb wellness,natural healing, food preparations, detoxification across the globe and continues to empower and teach individuals how to restore and save their lives .

The Queen Afua Wellness Institute is located in Brooklyn, NY and has been in existence for over 25 years.

Look for Queen Afua's Latest release: Overcoming an Angry Vagina: Journey to Womb Wellness. It's guaranteed to be a life changing read !

Friday, March 26

#12) Phylicia Rashad: Classic Beauty

Phylicia Rashad is a classic black beauty. She was born into a creative Houston family June 19, 1948 Most of us know her as our boved Claire Huxtable, the wonderful black TV mom with GOOD hair and great family values.

She was perfection in heels and we loved her for repping for us the way she did as the lawyer and dedicated mother that she portrayed on the Cosby's.

Who can forget that smile right after scolding Venessa or Rudi? And those lips were a fashion fair advertisement , never smudged, perfectly placed and always ready to plant a kiss on Cliff's cheeks before the 30 minute pilot was over. Despite her perfect TV marriage Rashad has had her share of real-life marital disasters. She has been married and divorced 3 times and is currently single.

The Cosby show is not Rashad only claim to fame. This diversified talent can sing, dance,act and direct. She is the sister of dancer/singer Debbie Allen and has appeared on countless television shows, in theater and on silver screen for nearly 30 years. Rumors that she battled a drug addiction in the early 2000's have not been confirmed and continue to linger.
The latest works from Rashad was the 2008 ABC TV adaptation of "A Raisin in the Sun" where she worked along side Sean Puffy Combs and Sanaa Lathan.
The award-winning actress is currently a Jenny Craig spokesperson and will be honored on May 1st at the 1862 Circle Gala & Awards Banquet.

#11) Zap Mama- It's electric

If you have ever had the chance to see a Zap Mama performance then you already know that the group is electrifying ! Zap Mama has a unique sound that can not be duplicated! The group's lead vocalist Marie Daulne, was was born in Isiro, and is a natural force to be reckoned with. Mother Nature on the move! Moving on the musical vibe that stems from her roots, Daulne hand picked back up vocalists who were equally as culturally mixed as she is. The group creates music that is a melodic fusion of African beats, rthymic soul, funky jazz, R&B and regeeaa. There is something for every listener on each of her 7 albums. Her latest, Recreation, came out in 2009 and features artist like Meshell Ndegeocello, Bilal and Vincent Cassel. Zap Mama music has recently been featured in Mission: Impossible II.
When not spreading love and and celebrating life through her lively music Daulne does her part in giving back to the world. She is actively involved in organizations that fight against world hunger and global poverty. Recently Zap Mama performed in a benefit concert in Brussels in response to the crisis in Haiti. She is committed in helping people of the world heal through her music and gracious deeds.
Zap Mama is a positive force in music today. Today when artist bare it all, it is nice to see performers clothed in self respect and majesty.

Wednesday, March 24

#10) Selma Miriam -The Blood's Root

Selma Miriam is one of those women you meet if you are lucky. She is generous woman in her mid 70's with the heart and spunk of a girl who just hit 30. Blood Root,her famous feminist vegetarian restaurant is listed as the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the nation and is where you can find her still running the show as active as she was some 30 plus years ago when she first opened her doors.
Usually sitting at the front desk, taking orders, talking to new comers, or maybe knitting or spinning wool Selma is always eager to meet and greet new faces or assist with a customers knitting dilemma if need be.
A resident of CT , Selma went the expected route in her life. She acquired an education, became a wife and mom and raised her family. When her family got older and that chapter ended she followed her heart and chose another route. She opened the doors to Bloodroot in 1978 despite what the naysayers advised.
Equipped with very little business sense and lots of passion Selma teamed up with a few good women and created a community within the community that still thrives lovingly to this day.
Selma, a knitter and weaver has graced pages in knitting and spinning magazines and has also been penned a few vegetarian cookbooks . " There are secret recipes" she stated at her anniversary dinner.
Selma, is your grandmother, teacher, herbalist,cook,neighbor, and girlfriend rolled into one. In today's world, when most things are artificial, you can trust that everything about Selma, from the knowing look she gives you, staring you in the eye as you talk to her , to the steamy soups and mouth watering deserts she dishes out, is the real deal.

Tuesday, March 23

#9) Feline Fatale ~ Mabel Stark

Mabel Stark is considered the premier woman tiger trainer of the 1920s. From her early years Stark had a strong desire to work with wild cats. She had friends in the circus and was able to find work in the industry. A free spirit, she traveled a lot and finally studied and took a profession in nursing. Her heart longed for circus life however and she continued to take on odd jobs working as a performer/ dancer. Finally she she got her chance to work in the ring with the tigers. The crowd loved her as much as she loved what she was doing. She soon adopted a small tiger and trained in her basement and local parks perfecting her daring performances. She was a fierce and talented entertainer who at one point was hired by Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus and soon became well known in the industry for her dangerous acts. She performed with several circuses for over 30 year career span and due to her popularity appeared on television during the 1960's.
It was a dispute with her employer that resulted in Stark losing her position in the last circus she performed with. Once she left, she was heartbroken to learn that one of the tigers she trained had escaped and was shot. Devastated, Mabel Stark killed her self by overdosing on barbiturates on April 20, 1968.

"The chute door opens as I crack my whip and shout, 'Let them come,' Out slink the striped cats, snarling and roaring, leaping at each other or at me. It's a matchless thrill, and life without it is not worth while to me."
(December 9, 1889 - April 20, 1968)

Monday, March 22

Hi there baby!!!

In order to finish my list of 31 fabulous women of history I decided to switch it up a bit and include women who are also currently making history !!!! So don't get it twisted if you see a current face...She is just dewing the damn thing that all !!!!

love love love ...
working on new concepts..stuck in my head...wearing puke pink and loving it !!!
so inspired are you ?

Sunday, March 21

#7 Nicki Minaj - A chic that spits

I adore Ms. Niki Minaj.

This young money mistress is a beautiful bad-ass and we like it. Her persona is easily mistaken for lil' Kim's, however she is no replica and stands on her own two platformed feet. Thank you very much!She is a sistah who is putting it down in the rap game right now. Her lyrics are racey yes, but listen close as she promotes womanhood and confidence. Listen to her self esteem pouring out those speakers and before long your head will be bopping on beat. Don't fight it.
Caribbean born, Onika Maraj,who began her career as a back up singer for local rappers in 2004 was signed after stirring interest through her my space page. Once lil' Wayne joined forces with her collaborating on hit after hit she put in work with other artist and truly earned the title "Young Money Millionaire"
Walking eye-candy, she exudes girlie-hood with popping colors, sexy glittery feminine gear, bold make-up, fly hair and off the wall creative style. Stripper Barbie (could Wayne be Ken?) sexy in her lace and heels she holds her own on stage with confidence like one of the boys.
Hardly a boy, though rumors linger about possible homosexuality, Minaj loves being a girly girl. she promotes her self as a “Harajuku Barbie”. Minaj started using the name “Harajuku Barbie” because she is a lover of Japanese street style, being extravagantly dressed and having all eyes on her.

It didn't take long for Minaj's followers to adopt the Barbie concept. Before long whether one could pronounce it or not , fans, followers, divas, chicken heads world-wide ,grown ass women and teeny fans began claiming the Barbie ( pronounced Baww-Bee) attitude, style and title (all over again). Minaj is definitely not the first to call her self Barbie, but she "urban-ized" and customized the concept, by adding Harajuku flava .
Summer 2010 is looking to sizzle for Minaj who is said to be dropping her debut album. Her fans are eager to see what is in store. How much more "over the top" can this chic get ?

A force to be reckoned with crazy lyrical game, Nicki Minaj spits fire in the form of rhyme and got you pressing rewind every time!!!!!
Needless to say this beautiful girl is a beast ! Roger Dat !!!
Nicki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty">
listen up !!!

They came, They saw, The followed

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