Thursday, March 11

#4 knitting is E.Z.

Out of her love and discipline for knitting and the need for income Elizabeth Zimmerman created School house Press.

Her business grew from humble wool sales to the famous TV series, books and the infamous knitting camp where future knitting greats are born. She is one of the original rebel-bad-ass-knitters who ALWAY knit in public (K.I.P) with no shame or apology!!!

Elizabeth Zimmerman posses ed a certain ease when it came to knitting. She was an independent knitter that rarely depended on patterns and instructions of another.
Through her travels she picked up knit tricks and tips from European knitting fore mothers, such as continental style knitting and eagerly passed on her knowledge to American knitters once she settled into the US. She began to sow her knitting seeds, soon sending out patterns for publications and working up knitting "uninventions" (she believed there was nothing new under the sun so called her inventions "unventions")like the I-cord and the one row button hole. EZ is responsible for revolutionizing American knitting with the promotion of circular needles and she is appreciated widely for establishing the parentage system that enabled knitters to try their hands at creating their own patterns with simple mathematical concepts.
In the mid-1960s, she hosted The Busy Knitter, a syndicated public television show slowly taking her position as an icon of the knitting world.

"I shall have failed in my endeavor if you copy my designs too slavishly; they are intended only as a guide, so be your own designer."

EZ generously supplied new knitters with a guiding light and new direction when she began to publish her patterns and knitting books. Today, her books and techniques are still used and honored. One can see her "unventions" such as the "I-Cord" and the one-row button hole in everyday patterns. Her instructional books such as Knitting With out Tears encourages knitters to "please knit the way you prefer" was an instant success because it armed knitters with knowledge that released them from pattern bondage and they no longer had to blindly follow knitting instruction and be hopeful it all came out right. Zimmerman gave us back control of the wool and we will forever "Knit on!"


The Original Wombman said...

I have such a respect for EZ but I have to say, trying to follow her instructions is maddening for me! That's because . . . they're not really instructions! And for folks who abhor patterns, she is a godsend. I, on the other hand, like the predictability of patterns but the more I knit, the more I see how important it is to be able to design your own. :)

Nashe' said...

yes , girl ...yea her patters are in sentences ...not easy for all ..
and yea, i am annoyed with most patterns , so i like her stylee...
thanx for commenting , peace queen

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