Thursday, November 12

And on the 3rd day ....she rose again ....

Hi every one ..
I did it again. Deserted you . And this time it was all because of ( well mostly ) my face book activity.
And I owe you an apology for this !
I have come to realize that I am way too connected to that dang website ...and have left my blog behind for mere status updates ..
So it's over, no I am not deleting the account, I actually connected with my family and some pretty inspiring , creative and crafty folks and I LOVE the networking,
but I am minimizing my fb activity to get other creative, endeavors started and completed ...
It was fun and now I will try my hardest to put it on the back burner ....and keeping it there until the flame slowly, but surely dies out ...

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LaBean said...

Hey no harm no foul. You do what you gotta do!

They came, They saw, The followed

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