Sunday, July 5

Just feeling Crafty ...and inspired !

Where's my needles at !!!!??

I got tons of yarn ...but not much on the needles. I must say that my current craze with DIY fashion and keeping up with my growing sons and my baby girl ( yes , I'm too young for it, but... ) has taken a big bite out of my knitting obsession time ..and there are many post written here promising that i will reclaim the needle and yarn but nothing to show for it...I'm changing that ! Starting with the woman in the mirror (mj i miss u)... I have searched all over the net in hot pursuit of a project that will get my needles moving again and not bore me or stress me out. I'm talking baby steps and i think i got it ...i can see this little cutie as a clutch ...I'm making her tonight ...Am i a bad ass knitter? Can this be done? What movie can i download to watch while i knit my fingers off? any suggestions for a flick that's good to knit to?

..Must admit this is a cute skirt..I'd wanna use a different yarn, but nonetheless i love the concept and construction here. pattern can be purchased at
I have found that I HATE knit patterns ... They frustrate me and when what i make (after carefully doing what the pattern says, including gauge) comes out far from what is expected, I enter a state of numb sadness and withdrawal...It's maddening ... That's one of the reasons i tend to leave a project or two on the back burner ...cause of absolute frustration ...

I am finally just going to grab sketch pad, needles, and yarn and just stab it man ! Like yesterday.... just trying to get out the comfort zone (head ache zone)and forget the patterns for now......can't be that hard ,right?
I'll keep ya posted...

finally ...I want to try this...with one of hubby's old & forgotten shirts of course !
This was an amazing remix skirt, made from an an old dress shirt....making this is a must ...

B Babe-licious !


*Diane* said...

i used to knit too... now i have soo little time, its kinda sad. I can't wait to see the finished product :-) Good luck!

Black Belle said...

you have awesome style! I'm just now getting into shopping and consignment/thrift and I love it! :-)

simplychic said...

that skirt made from the men's dress shirt is great! makes me want to take a sewing class.

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