Wednesday, February 11

morning mind

The snow has slowed a bit , give thanks ! I was so tired of looking out and seeing that grayish bundle of dirty snow .Really, it's only pretty day one and then the mud and slush just makes it all nasty and unwelcoming. I am glad to be home on leave and don't have to make my way thru all that " winter" everyday. 

So how are you? here is the link to the 3am Cable hat that i knit here ...
I have successfully prepared 3 knitted gifts for friends from the stash of UFO's and all my project have been seamed up , ends of yarn weaved, clipped and all . I feel accomplished. My writing is slumping along, progress is slow , but there is progress. When I get writers block, i just write some goofy or way too serious poem and stash it on the hard drive wondering if i will ever read it at the spoken word night ? hmmm. probably...maybe not....I must say though, the quiet, days have been rejuvenating and for that I am grateful. 

I am at the point where I need to find a writers group and either recreate my knitting group or find one i like in my area. These outlets must be fed..... I would love to give and get feed back and network at the same time. hmmm, Google time...

Enjoi ~

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