Friday, January 30

pizza please

Just finished this cable hat while the babe sleeps and the fam is waiting on pizza. I plan to get more w.i.p.s whipped in the next few days and thinking of just giving away a few things like scarves that I may never wear due to being home on mom-ternity leave and barely leaving the house these days. Hmmmm, well see.
By the way, Do you like my cable hat? Its for hubby, was his Kwanzza gift actually, but I was busy having my baby during that time! LOL. Hope he likes it.


knitgirlll06 said...

Congrats on the new addition. Hope you're grabbing those little moments to rest and enjoy the moment. Take care and glad to hear things are well with you.

Cennetta said...

Nice cap. I would love to have that pattern.

Nashe' said...

Yay the pattern is free online will post link soon

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