Tuesday, November 11

I'm back and better !!!

It's been a while !
I have been busy being pregnant and working and mothering and wife-ing and housing and all that good stuff.
With all that going on , i still did manage to get a few items knit for my little Princess that is set to be here in the next 5.5 weeks !
Yes i said 5.5 weeks !
I love Books ! These knitting book are basic , but pack a lot of punch. Plus a reminder or two never hurt ! Here is one simple scarf  that I have on my needles , sideways garter and quick ! I was inspired to make this for my soon to be cold neck using some wool I bought from last year's  Rhinebeck trip and whala !
Here is the simple beauty on size 8 cirs. I was worried that  250 stitches would not fit on the 16" cord , but it all worked out fine.. and I'm knitting ( zipping) away... that was until ....
I went to see " The Secret Life of Bees " and dropped a few stitches in the dark theater...sigh
I never had to fix drop stitches in garter...I was hesitant , but I KNIT ON and yes sir, i fixed up what i messed up and moved on and also learned how to fix a garter mess, no matter how many rows down ....Now I am adding a few rows of black , for a little flair and I'll be calling this baby an " FO" ! I will model for you in a few days ...
Here is a set of booties for my little girl ..This should fit her and she'll be sporting these warm knits out the hospital ....I've been busy knitting for this little one ...

Of course I've had a few ups downs and bumps in the knitting road , but I'm a survivor !  So I'm back with a new digital camera too and a new commitment to my craft !
I did not make it to Rhinebeck this year for oblivious reasons , but I am determined to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in 2009 with my family in tow !
I have made my girl 2 bibs , a blanket , a bootie and hat set and i am still working on her Rasta Empress 
(stitching  it up as i go along) blanket and a sweater that more than likely won't fit her until she is like 3-4 months ...
I'm excited , trying to not over knit my self and keep sane for the next few weeks and I think I have started nesting... I'm tidying up and throwing out LOTS and moving this and that here and there. I have pulled out all the design books in the house , including the feng shui book that always motivates and educates me ... Look out HGTV, this pregnant DIY chick is on the go ! 

and, uhm, going to bed now too ! I'm beat ...

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InstantVintage said...


And congrats! I bet you're ready for that baby to show up. =) She's going to look so cute in that set you made for her.

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