Thursday, July 17

what's up ?

I started reading Holistic Parenting form the PAN-Afrikan perspective. The book is deep , but most won't trust it ..It talks about everything from what to eat and avoid during pregnancy and beyond . It discusses what we as parents can do to create a good life for our kids, holistically .. Can I say I love it ?

Hi Craft world ! How is everybody doing these days ? I am fine like a glass of wine ...( that i can't have)
In addition to reading a girl been working on T.L.C , the baby's blanket . I named it TLC which stands for Texture -Love-and Care . I plan on making a multi -textured blanket to wrap the my newborn and carry home in once born.

This is the first time I can actually knit for one of my babies! My youngest is 9 , I have only knit for 4 years ..So my big boys missed the boat for handmade baby gears...But my new baby will be showered in handmades ..How dope is that ? !!! Really what an honor it will be to see the babe in clothing a items i made with my own hands ... ! No words can truly describe the feeling I have today ..

I went to a knit up at Starbucks last night , met a woman on Ravelry who put me on to the local knit group . so I went .. i had been meaning to get there for three weeks and finally escaped from home yesterday for it . I was happy I went . Although the crowd is a lot older than me and we didn't have much in common ( different ages backgrounds, different living style, different race) But the one thing we did have in common was (drum roll) knitting ..which is all that really counts...I even learned a few cool things about my long tail cast on ..I was told to always start with a purled row, then proceed with the actual pattern ... hmmmm, interesting ? Have you ever heard this or tried it ? Let me know ...


Pajnstl said...

I have a friend who is preggers and I am "posed to be knitting her a blanket. Posed to be. lol

That is a pretty red that you're using!

Sheila said...

Looking forward to your baby items. My neice is expecting and excited about knitting up baby items.

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