Tuesday, July 22

ahhhh the dog days of summer ....

My eldest (knit boy1) was away ( his first time) on a trip with his community center. They went all the way to sunny California ! I missed him , but can I tell you that the house had a whole different vibe when it was void of a (soon 2 B) teen..lol... We missed him though , but he came back safe sound and in 1 piece... gotta love em!
Tomorrow I send off mid kid ( knit boy 2) to summer camp for 4 weeks ! He will be missed ! I always worry about his hygiene practices when he is away ! lol...I'm sure he will be ok though ... already planning out the care package i will send him next week......
smilin' in this heat !!!!!

Introducing my garden ! with all this talk of " veggies gone wild " on the news , a sistah took matters in her own hands !

In knitting news :
I am making my way through these stitches.
The baby blankie is coming along nicely in my humble opinion. I have made it through the basket weave and now I am garter stitching in yellow
a few more rows and it will be another pattern texture in green. I am doing this blanket in bright bold RASTA colors using Lions Brand wool. I love this because it is all in my head . No pattern ! I am just flowing with what feels right with this blanket...In the beginning I tried this pattern I found in a n old pattern book , but It just left me frustrated and swimming at FROG POND !! (what a humid, mucky place to be ! ) So here I stand proudly designing my baby's first blanket . at the rate i am going I will probably be able to get in a tiny sweater and perhaps a pair of booties for the new arrival.

Take a look at what i got here so far :

In other knitting news I have not given Mr. knot so knice his hat yet , in case your waiting for that update . He knows about it , but has not actually gotten it in his hands or on his head yet . Still debating the brim ...( sigh)


Pajnstl said...

lol you just shipping them out huh!

Sheila said...

That's a Fabulous photos of your boys. Here you on taking matters into your own hands... your garden is doing good.

Cennetta said...

Nice post. It reminded me of summertime back in the day.

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