Tuesday, June 24

knitting gets me over the hump of WED.

Feeling fine today ..Here is some of my accomplishments from the desk : this hat better fit this man !!!! Seeding it all the way and then adding a seed stitch brim ...I am excited about this , because I did not use a pattern . just did it ...a few tries and now I am feeling a bit more at peace .... I need a Styrofoam head for my hat creations...so so so so pumped ...I'm rolling with hats for a little while . Who knows ..so many possibilities possible ... Feeling Focused Yall...

The progression of the Zeed hat ...

Why Zeed , cause hubbys real name start with a Z , it's in seed stitch and the name just hit me after days so I'm going with gut!!!

here is the first few rounds consisting of the ribbing and the start of the seed stitch.

and today the first ball of brown cotton finished. gotta get to the craft store tomorrow , i hope..

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