Tuesday, June 3

June ...Already ! Hello Sunshine !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the love !!!!!!!11 I missed my crafty buds , always lending an ear or a kind word !! give big thanks for the support !

I having been gaining weight and I am trying to keep my self in check. I am not eating for 2 grown ass people !! I am eating for me and the unborn ..I think sometimes pregnant woman just get wild with the eating, and end up eating way too much stuff they normally wouldn't / shouldn't..So i am trying to be good about it and leave the junkfood alone !!!!I don't like my skin right now ...So mo water, mo water, mo water..... I want to glow not break out !!!! nuff said ....
On the knitting tip I loss a project !! I swear I was still working on the ole prayer shawl, slowly ....I have been looking in my spots and it won't turn up ... Has this ever happened to you ? I heard of losing needles,a few stitch markers, a prized pattern book or two, but WHOLE projects go MIA too? Wat Dah fudge ????
nah, say t'aint so !!!

So I have decided to knit Mr. Knot So Knice a hat... It was a toss up between Topi from knitty ,

Reasonably Hip from Magknits( who are no longer with us)or

Kap from berroco..

I went with Topi ... just seems more "him" ..So I am guaging right now ( I'll save the complaints) on some cotton yarn and size 2 needles.... yeah the pattern calls for size 7 needles , I am down to size 2 ...But I am not complaining that I am now on my 5th needle size down still trying to get guage ....(sigh)

I want to give it to him on his B-day which is the 29th of June , not the 30th ,
1st of July or back to school in Sept ..But June 29th ....That is the goal for the next few weeks , that despite everythang ..I will knit on !!!!!!!


Sheila said...

Yes, its June...lol and glad to hear you're doing ok. I like the hat selections.

Jen (pieKnits) said...

Hello, I'm the designer of Topi and noticed you're having some problems getting the suggested gauge. For this pattern it really is just a suggestion! As the beginning of the pattern states:

"This hat is worked from the top down all in one piece, including the brim. Since it is worked this way, gauge on this pattern is not crucial. Almost any variety of yarn may be used.

Simply measure the circumference of your head and divide this number by 3.14 to determine the diameter of the top of the hat. Knit until you reach this diameter and then continue with the pattern."

I would just recommend knitting at a slightly firm gauge so the hat has some structure and isn't too floppy. Hope that helps!

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