Thursday, April 1

Is somebody punking me ????

I know the date, but I refuse to be an April Fool. Can I start over please ?
So I am all ready to go to work and realize as I'm rushing out to my car that my bro had blocked me into the drive way. Already a little late, I take hubby's car which I'm not all that comfortable driving yet and(with maaad attitude) I get in the car and pull off not realizing I was in the wrong gear ! Mind you I know how to drive stick shift , but German cars are just slightly different in that reverse is where 1st gear is ! So you guessed it, each time I thought I was about to be in first gear I realized that I was going backward!!! not cute, In fact, it's highly dangerous and deathly annoying!!!!!!!!!!!
I was already heated and nervous that I'd be late for the job and those feelings of uncertainty did not help me! The car was making a hot, grinding noise, different from any of the clanky and usual clunky sounds I'm used to hearing from it. This freaked me out a bit and I stalled a few times on the hilly ride. Finally at a stop sign, I see that steam and smoke is floating from under the hood and an innocent man is yelling at my VW, which was quickly becoming a smoke bomb on wheels!
I parked the car and called hubby , damsel in distress that I was, and he reassured me, as the time to clock in had come and gone making me officially late, that I may just have been in the wrong gear. He was right, I'm sure ( and probably a tad annoyed too).
I was in the wrong gear, THIRD GEAR ! So with him on the phone off I went and made it to work safely, yet tardy...sigh ..
Not how I wanted to start my month ! But that is okay, there are 30 more days to not screw up !!!!, Uhm, make that 29 !

And how , may I ask, was your day today ?

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