Friday, March 26

#12) Phylicia Rashad: Classic Beauty

Phylicia Rashad is a classic black beauty. She was born into a creative Houston family June 19, 1948 Most of us know her as our boved Claire Huxtable, the wonderful black TV mom with GOOD hair and great family values.

She was perfection in heels and we loved her for repping for us the way she did as the lawyer and dedicated mother that she portrayed on the Cosby's.

Who can forget that smile right after scolding Venessa or Rudi? And those lips were a fashion fair advertisement , never smudged, perfectly placed and always ready to plant a kiss on Cliff's cheeks before the 30 minute pilot was over. Despite her perfect TV marriage Rashad has had her share of real-life marital disasters. She has been married and divorced 3 times and is currently single.

The Cosby show is not Rashad only claim to fame. This diversified talent can sing, dance,act and direct. She is the sister of dancer/singer Debbie Allen and has appeared on countless television shows, in theater and on silver screen for nearly 30 years. Rumors that she battled a drug addiction in the early 2000's have not been confirmed and continue to linger.
The latest works from Rashad was the 2008 ABC TV adaptation of "A Raisin in the Sun" where she worked along side Sean Puffy Combs and Sanaa Lathan.
The award-winning actress is currently a Jenny Craig spokesperson and will be honored on May 1st at the 1862 Circle Gala & Awards Banquet.

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