Wednesday, March 24

#10) Selma Miriam -The Blood's Root

Selma Miriam is one of those women you meet if you are lucky. She is generous woman in her mid 70's with the heart and spunk of a girl who just hit 30. Blood Root,her famous feminist vegetarian restaurant is listed as the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the nation and is where you can find her still running the show as active as she was some 30 plus years ago when she first opened her doors.
Usually sitting at the front desk, taking orders, talking to new comers, or maybe knitting or spinning wool Selma is always eager to meet and greet new faces or assist with a customers knitting dilemma if need be.
A resident of CT , Selma went the expected route in her life. She acquired an education, became a wife and mom and raised her family. When her family got older and that chapter ended she followed her heart and chose another route. She opened the doors to Bloodroot in 1978 despite what the naysayers advised.
Equipped with very little business sense and lots of passion Selma teamed up with a few good women and created a community within the community that still thrives lovingly to this day.
Selma, a knitter and weaver has graced pages in knitting and spinning magazines and has also been penned a few vegetarian cookbooks . " There are secret recipes" she stated at her anniversary dinner.
Selma, is your grandmother, teacher, herbalist,cook,neighbor, and girlfriend rolled into one. In today's world, when most things are artificial, you can trust that everything about Selma, from the knowing look she gives you, staring you in the eye as you talk to her , to the steamy soups and mouth watering deserts she dishes out, is the real deal.

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