Tuesday, July 28

a revelation ... a making of a new kinda me ..

Okay ..Ive been slacking in the feminine department . I will no longer allow this. I know I can do better. It is not fair , cool or righteous to walk around like a sloppy boy any longer. I have my good days , no doubt , but lately I have had far too many bad days . I have the style, tools, the craftiness and the desire to be a feminine mama everyday and night. So from now on not just when I want to but , EVERY DAY... I'll keep you posted...
I found a very interesting site,( filter what is not for you) and many more links discussing the topic of woman hood... http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/artman/publish/Femininity_amp_Modesty_16/index.shtml

you may not agree with everything on the site, but quite a few articles did get me thinking.
and I want to express more femininity and enjoy my woman hood in all aspects , not just standing around snapping pics and uploading for you to see .
there is more , much much more to this thing called " pretty woman" ....

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