Friday, June 5

On some 'ole Sailor Moon type *ish

It was a lovely today ...Warmer outside than inside, oddly enough ... I got the boy crew ( sons) to soccer and took a moment for a little photo-whore-ing, uhm i mean graphing. photographing on the beach.

Take note: The pants are goodies from my pregnancy gear. YES, maternity pants that I probably may never let go of. They are comfortable and there is a ( hidden ) wide elastic waist that holds you just so. They are teenie, no pregnant person should fit in those babies; there so snug! lol.
Navy Blue flip-flops play up the tiny navy blue stripes running down my legs...
The bag is from AVON and within the bag i have my latest knit project ...
I decided to whip out a lil' clutch bag ... A one ball wonder cause that's about all the yarn i have for it ...I will give u a peak t'morrow...I am shooting for the stars and wanna finish it on the week-end....
TGIF...need i say more ?

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