Thursday, June 25

Finding goodies every little crack...

Today started great but ended with a WTF ?

The Great :I had 80's hair denim leggings and a pair of flip flops ...

I was out running errands with my sons and we found a warehouse of new and used shoes ..and thrifted clothes..all 50% off !

The WTF :
Really , The King of POP , dead ? That just can't be !!!! I mean really Michael Jackson had to be my first love, I loved him so much I wanted to look like him for a time being. He just super sexy super flyy type a guy.. Michael will forever be the first man to rock the hell out of a pair of red skinny jeans the right way while ripping up the dance floor at the same time !
I felt magic when he did that Moon Walk ! And he definitely paved the way for the new comers in the game , no need to mention them , ya know who they are ... Mike is the father of the Dance Floor, man been dancing since he was 5 and was getting ready for his summer '09 tour !

The Lesson in between :Just goes to show ya never know when your maker will call , so until then live it up !! LOVE LIFE FOR WHAT IT IS !

Work Wear today was bold and hue-mongus ! ( full of color)..

My purple skinny jeans hugged me close as the top flowed loosely over my white a-shirt ...With a set of purls around my neck, my afro all happy and nappy, and my acid wash grape skinny jeans Im a rocker chick meets secretary..LOVE IT !

Latest DIY find: ....Her eye candy sew good I got a cavity! DIY fashion galore !

Also on the knitting tip , Im getting the needles in gear to make this for my baby girl !

cute huh? I think sew too !!!!
well another day has come and gone...


B- Freaking Bold and Bad-ASS !

ps: R.I.P MJ, I loved you ...


Chapstick Kills said...

that dress is going to be super cute!! hurry and make it for your daughter and post!

*Diane* said...

im soooo jealous of the shoes you found! love your purple outfit too

simplychic said...

A purple jean!!!! That is honestly one of my fav things I've seen in a long time, and I love that you wore with a purple shirt. It looks great!

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