Thursday, May 28

nu attitude !

I've been very inspired lately to revamp my wardrobe . I am giving away things, donating and re-doing tons of things from my closet. What has been a great tool for me of course is the Internet, specifically fashion bloggers . At the moment my latest blog crush is instant vintage .
I just love what I am seeing and reading here. My love for shoes and just basic DIY life has been renewed. So much so that after checking this blog out I was inspired to create this look by walking in my closet and not shelling out one dime !

I think I came pretty darn close to the original look !
happy crafting folks !
stay tuned for updates on my latest knitting project ...

What fun !


Shameka said...

Honestly.... you look hotter than that model. You go girl... Maybe I need to dig through my closet too!!!

InnyVinny said...

Nice! I love a good remix that costs nothing. Much better on the wallet and it gets the creativity flowing.

Now where are these knit projects? I wanna see!

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