Thursday, December 27

Can u do the Twist? I can !


Welcome to Twisted Sistah~

I am a knitter since May 03’ and recently became a newbie wannabee-spinner….. I decided to give blogging another whirl , twirl and twist. Hence we have Twisted Sistah! I did the blog thing a few times before poppin' in and out ...But this time I plan to stick around..

Here I will delve deeply into my knitting life and share the good and the not so good. I’ll cheer- on the family if need be and crow over my crafty triumphs… Yes, I promise to mostly blog about my knitting and post pretty pics to prove it!
For starters let me tell you that I try to be a monogamous knitter, but can sometimes be tempted to two-time my current project….

On my needles:

The basic grey cardigan from Vogue Knitting. The pattern is a few years old, but is a classic sweater, so you can’t go wrong.

Fetching. from knitty .I am on the 1st cabled cuff working my way round and round up and up.

A basic black hat roll brim hat for my hubby ( first one )

A not so exciting garter stitch scarf for a friend. (The color will look lovely against her complexion)

I also have some finishing/seaming 2 do …

*the (Now & Later) beret , scarf and mitts set. see Sauniell for cute beret pattern.

*a basic (2 rectangle) poncho to seam

*multidirectional scarf (add fringe )

Dat's al folks......

So this UFO list is indeed manageable...

yep....uhm, yeah... sure

So long as I don’t cast on for yet another attempt at sox or hmmm…Clapotis, is calling me man!

tempted as i am ....
I want to finish my projects at hand before getting into new territory. Feel me?

So again, Welcome to the home of one twisted- sistah!

Stick around, leave me a comment and visit me again, some time soon!


Adrienne said...

I want to do fetching but have NOT cast on yet lol

Kim said...

Welcome back to blogland :)

I got your comment on Stashalong--you need to email me to get an invitation(my email address is in the sidebar).

Happy knitting!

Nashe' said...

Hi there !
thanks for the love ladies !! It is great to be back in blogland and getting my knit on , kim thank you ! Adrienne you can catch up with me on those precious lil' gloves , don't tya think? , I am just a few rows in ....and stalling...

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the monogamy...I don't even try anymore, lol!

I think I know which cardi from VK you're talking about. Was it in gray in the mag? That one is definitely a classic, one you can wear forever.

Cookie said...

There you are!

Welcome back to blogging!

NikkiJ said...

Hey, I know you'll love blogging this time. Don't forget to get on if you're not already there. I'm sure by now that I have UFOs that I don't even know exist.

urbanknitrix said...


I definitely feel you about being monagomous, but I know it i just not happening with me, I am a straight up bigomist when it comes to knitting. LMAO, I need help!

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